About Us

­­­        Kiran Embedded which is well known for its name as Kirans Embedded Solutions Pvt. Ltd, AMEERPET started in 2009 as Main office. We were glad to announce that opened a new branch at KOTI market. I and our office team are ready to serve from AMEERPET and KOTI branches. We have a strong development team to manufacture our own modules, Development boards and some kind of sensors. You can get technical support as well. That’s the reason we are well known to all students, project Developers and also institutes who are running embedded is one of their domain.  We have lot of bare prototype PCB’s and soldered add on boards for your required projects which are mentioned in this website. You can get project kits also from our end @ lowest prices.  We are proud for  KIRAN EMBEDDED IS ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR ACADEMIC EMBEDDED PROJECT NEEDS.


  1. you can get complete embedded project kits on raspberry Pi, arduino, ARM7,8051 and stm32
  2. you can get all components, modules, sensors for academic embedded projects (M-tech, B-Tech, Diploma and school level ANALOG kits)
  3. PCB fabrication for single layer
  4. we will deliver components all over india
  5. supply of electronics lab components for engineering and polytechnic colleges
  6. Various kinds of robotic parts
  7. Embedded workshop components and pcbs
  8. All kinds of drone spare parts
  9. Many kinds of Arduino boards, raspberry pi and their accessories
  10. More than 80 kinds of sensors